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American Maps.

The Illustrated London News, vol. 42, no. 1182, p. 23.

January 3, 1863


Series of American Maps, published by Bacon and Co., Paternoster-row, 1862:--1. "Army Map of the Seat of War in Virginia, showing the Battle-fields, Fortifications, &c., on and near the Potomac River."--This map gives with the greatest clearness all the physical features and military positions between the Shenandoah River on the west and Eastern Maryland on the east. Northwards it extends as far as the Confederates reached in their recent foray into Maryland, and southward as far as the Rapidan and Fredericksburg. Within these limits this map leaves nothing to be desired in the minuteness, and at the same time lucidity, of its topographical details. It is brought down to Sept. 1, and gives the site of the battle in which General Kearney was killed. The successive chains of mountains, the rivers, railroads, and common roads stand out with great distinctness. Of all military maps of Eastern Virginia which we have seen we prefer this for reference.--2. "Bacon's New War Map."--This covers a larger field than No. 1. It includes a portion of Southern Pennsylvania, all Maryland, Delaware, all Eastern and a part of Western Virginia, and terminates at the northern boundary of North Carolina. A pink dash under the names of notorious places materially assists the investigator in his hunt after localities.--3. "Bacon's Military Map of America."--This map is a handy map of the United States, British America, and adjoining portions of Mexico. It extends from ocean to ocean. Although entitled "military" by virtue of its showing the forts and fortifications, it is mainly civil in its character. The loyal Slave States and parts of States and territories are coloured yellow, interposed between the Free-labour States in green, and the Confederate States and parts of States in pink.--4. "Bacon's Steel-plate Map of the American States, showing the railways, forts, and fortifications." This map terminates about 100 miles west of the Mississippi. It includes the adjacent part of Canada, and retains this threefold division as to colour which characterises No. 3.

American Maps, published by W. and A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh, 1862:--1. "Map of the Battle-fields of America, including portions of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania." This neat map extends south of Richmond, James River. A blue line under the names of noted places aids the eye. Appended to this map is a smaller one of the United and Confederate States, British America, and part of Mexico. The Free-labour, Border, and Seceded States are distinguished from each other by separate colours.--2. "Johnson's map of the United States."--This map is a converse of the previous one. It consists of two parts. The larger part gives the United States to 100 miles west of the Mississippi: the smaller section map is a lucid map of the seat of war in Eastern Virginia, from Harrisburg and Philadelphia in the North to below Richmond and Norfolk on the South. The maps of this series are made to fold conveniently in bookform, or they may be extended sheetwise.

Colton's Series of Maps. Gun and Co., Craven-street.--"2500 Miles Around Washington."--At the distance of each 100 miles from the centre a circle is drawn to enable the inquirer to measure the distance at a glance. The principal places are indicated by a large dot adjoining their names. The population of the United States, as they were according to the three last censuses, is given in tabular form.--"500 Miles Round Cairo, showing the Seat of War in the West."--The same division by circles is adopted here. Both the maps of this series give every county and county town in clear type.

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