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Democratic Procession in New York.

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1179, p.655.

December 20, 1862


OUR Engraving represents a procession of the Democratic party, with flags, transparencies, and bands of music, passing the New York Hotel en route for an evening open-air meeting in the City Hall Park, to ratify the nomination of the Hon. Horatio Seymour as Governor of the State of New York, and of Messrs. Elijah Ward, Fernando Wood, Benjamin Wood, and James Brooks as members of Congress for four of the electoral districts of the city. The New York Hotel, in Broadway, is well know[n] to travellers as, without exception, the best-conducted establishment of its kind in America; and equally well known to the residents of New York for its excellent cuisine, its unrivalled wine-cellar, and its political sympathies. Without being a club, in the English sense of the word, it is practically the Carlton and Conservative club of the city; the head-quarters and rendezvous of all the prominent politicians, generals, functionaries, and wealthy citizens who desire the supremacy of the law, and whose battle-cry in the present deplorable struggle is "The Constitution as it is, and the Union as it was." When the procession passed this well-known hostelry the order was given to halt, the band struck up "Dixie" and the "Star-spangled Banner;" three cheers were given for Horatio Seymour, and responded to by the guests who had gathered at the door and on the balcony. It then went on its way, rejoicing, to the place of meeting, already certain of the victory which its party was destined to achieve within a short interval, a victory which has already changed the current of Federal politics, and which clearly foreshadows that the Republican party has no chance of electing another President in succession to Mr. Lincoln.

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