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London, Saturday, December 6, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1177, p.594.

December 6, 1862

London: Saturday, December 6, 1862.

...Seven hundred thousand men, according to the Federal organs, are now in arms against the Confederates. Making the deductions which we have been taught to make from all American statistics, we may assume that the North has nearly half a million of soldiers of all kinds. It seems almost beyond belief that great results should not follow the assemblage of such armaments, and yet the whole war has been a lesson against expectations of such results. At the dispatch of the last mails it was believed that the new Commander of the Potomac Army was likely to engage the Confederates near Fredericksburg. There is no other news, save that the Alabama continued to incense the minds of the Northerners, and that the papers, by way of pleasing the populace, were pandering to the evil feeling against England, and urging that the vessel which causes such havoc and terror is really an English vessel. We are menaced, as usual, with the most awful castigation when the rebellion shall be put down; and a foreign war is deliberately pointed out by Mr. Raymond, of the New York Times, as the best cure for domestic dissensions.

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