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London, Saturday, November 22, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1175, p.547.

November 22, 1862

London: Saturday, November 22, 1862.

...We do not suppose that any offence has been given to the French Government by the refusal of Lord Russell to interfere in the American struggle. Doubtless the Emperor knew beforehand that his application would be made in vain. The despatches have been promptly published, and the French press affects to treat our reply as a mere postponement. We shall look curiously to see how it is received in America. In all probability it will be interpreted as an indication of our malicious wish that the war should go on, or else we shall be complimented upon our prudence in not taking the liberty of advising the cessation of a war which we notoriously stirred up and are feeding with the gold of our aristocracy. Meantime there is not any American news of interest except the reports as to the elections, the principal one--that for New York--having resulted in a grand triumph for those who in an American sense may he called Conservatives. Other victories have also fallen to the Democrats, and their antagonists are driven to exult in the fact that, let public opinion be what it may, Mr. Lincoln and his friends are irremovable. There are, however, rumours of Ministerial changes. General M'Clellan was advancing at last and pouring his force into Virginia, the Confederates apparently making but slight resistance. They may have chosen their own battle-ground. The Alabama continued to sink[,] burn, and destroy, and to excite something more than indignation in the North, which called on the Government to send out a strong naval force to capture her. If, as is reported, she has been burning an English vessel, it is not improbable that orders to our own squadron may save Mr. Lincoln some trouble.

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