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London, Saturdya, November 15, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1174, p.515.

November 15, 1862

London: Saturday, November 15, 1862.

...The Emperor of the French is desirous that England and Russia should join him in proposing a suspension of hostilities between the belligerent Powers in America. A despatch from M. Drouyn de Lhuys to these two Powers appears in Thursday's Moniteur, in which he states that "the Emperor has charged him to propose to the Cabinets of London and St. Petersburg to come to an understanding to employ their influence at Washington and in the Confederate States in order to bring about a suspension of hostilities for six months, during which all direct or indirect acts of war should cease both on sea and land." This amounts to so complete a recognition and consolidation of the South that the North would be justified in the most brusque rejection of such a proposal. It is not likely, however, that they will have the opportunity of rejecting it. The proposition is believed to have met with but slight encouragement from Russia; and it is to be hoped that our own Government, notwithstanding considerable temptation to accede to it, will decline the Emperor's proposal.

The elections in America are still going against the Republicans, whose wrath is being displayed in violent speeches and in an indorsement of the "crushing" measures called for the extremes of party. A defeat of the Federal General Mitchell is the only military incident of note[.] We should add that it has been deemed expedient to disavow the naval feat which has given such justifiable offence to Spain, and the emulation of Wilkes is to be punished, on the demand of the Spanish Government.

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