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London, Saturday, November 1, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1172, p.459.

November 1, 1862


...American news is interesting, though as yet not very important. The "feat of arms" of the war has been General Stuart's ride round General M'Clellan's army. The gallant foraging party had it all their own way--carried off horses, arms, clothing, and all that they required, and, despite M'Clellan's threat that not one of them should escape, all but one escaped, if the word be applicable to so triumphant a raid. Another enemy has still more grievously disquieted the North, the Alabama, which has made such havoc among the merchant-ships of the Federals that the rate of freight is seriously affected and the mercantile folks are scolding England for having allowed the Alabama to fit out. The Confederates dashed at Lexington, and plundered, and retreated, it is said, with loss. They claim Perrysville as a victory, and say they can show 9000 prisoners. The army of M'Clellan was stated to be advancing. But the civil struggle now waging is of more importance as regards the war. The Democrats and Republicans are in deadly close over the State elections, and should the former triumph in the great States the Cabinet of Mr. Lincoln will reel and totter. But the President hopes that the war fever will carry him through. We may add to our American summary--for the matter has principal reference to the war--that Mr. Cobden has delivered two long speeches at Manchester and Rochdale, in which he strongly urges the abandonment of the present maritime laws--that is to say, that England should throw away the one terrible weapon which makes this little island a match for the world in arms.

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