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Illustration of the War in America

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1167, p.369.

October 4, 1862


Our Special Artist in America has sent to us an Illustration, which we give on the preceding page, showing the Confederate scouting party under General Stuart, skirmishing with a portion of General Pope's army in the neighbourhood of Culpepper Courthouse. General Stuart's fame reached England after his marvellous raid round the extreme right of M'Clellan's army, whilst the latter was threatening Richmond. It is unnecessary to remind our readers of this gallant dash, which will take its place in the history of cavalry tactics. Probably many will be surprised at the rough and worn appearance of the men, especially when they are told that many of the privates are worth from 50,000 to 100,000 dollars each. The rudeness of their equipments, consisting mainly of old rusty sabres and shot-guns, is in a great degree owing to the blockade, which shuts them out of the market of good carbines and fine-tempered blades. As it is, they are the finest irregular body of horse in the world.

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