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[A Letter From New York]

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1166, p.346.

September 27, 1862

A letter from New York has the following anecdote:--

"Among the prisoners in Fort M'Henry there was, up to the 28th of June last, a Norfolk lady of fashion, Miss Susan Archer Tally, who had been arrested in consequence of a discovery made that a coffin, which she endeavoured to get passed through the Federal lines to Richmond, alleging it to contain the corpse of her brother, was in reality full of percussion-caps. The fair smuggler was forthwith put under lock and key, and was rigorously confined to her cell, with permission, however, to take the air on a balcony pertaining to her window, and also an hour's exercise round the ramparts, accompanied by the officer on duty. On her release she returned to her family, near Norfolk."

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