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[The Peace Society Has Issued an Address]

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1162, p.259.

September 6, 1862

The Peace Society has issued an address to the people of the United States. It says:--"Is the time not come, we repeat, friends and fellow-Christians, when an attempt should be made to arrest this destructive conflict? We deprecate utterly all armed intervention at all, but such as you yourselves would willingly admit on the part of England or any European Power, in your affairs. But surely the idea of a friendly mediation may be entertained without any derogation of your national dignity. We beseech you to reflect that, sooner or later, some method of peaceful adjustment must must be adopted. There are only two alternative issues of war--either the utter extermination of one party, or some form of accommodation and compromise between the contending sides. None of you can wish the former. And is it not better at once to have recourse to the latter before further blood is shed and the feelings on both sides shall become hopelessly inflamed with animosity and vengeance?"

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