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London, saturday, August 9, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1158, p.154.

August 9, 1862

London, Saturday, August 9, 1862.

On Thursday afternoon the Commissioners appointed by her Majesty to prorogue Parliament took their seats shortly before two o'clock. The Commons having been summoned, the Speaker, with a few members, appeared at the bar; and, the Royal assent having been given to some public and private bills, the Lord Chancellor read her Majesty's Speech, which was as follows :--....

...The civil war which has for some time been raging among the States of the North American Union has unfortunately continued in unabated intensity; and the evils with which it has been attended have not been confined to the American continent. But her Majesty, having from the outset determined to take no part in the contest, has seen no reason to depart from the neutrality to which she has steadily adhered....

Her Majesty has given her ready assent to an Act for carrying into effect the treaty which her Majesty has concluded with the President of the United States for the suppression of the slave trade, and her Majesty trusts that the co-operation of the United States' navy with her own may go far to extinguish the desolating crime against which that treaty is directed.

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