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Illustration of the War in America

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1158, p.150.

August 9, 1862

Cottonburners Surprised By Federal Scouts.

Our Special Artist writes from Memphis as follows respecting the Illustration on the preceding page:--"The only excitement now in the immediate neighbourhood of Memphis and in South-western Tennessee generally is an occasional collision between scouting parties of Indiana cavalry and the guerrilla bands of cottonburners. I send you a Sketch, the result of one of my scouts with a troop of horse, in which we came upon a party of Southerners on a plantation destroying every bale they could lay their hands on. In the foreground an officer is "hurrying up" the business; one man applies the torch to a pile of loose cotton; others are ripping open and rolling up the bales; while a group of frightened whites and negroes are assembled under the porch of the house. We took two or three of the guerrilla band; the rest scattered and made for the surrounding timber."

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