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Textile Manufactures in the International Exhibition

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1157, p.142.

August 2, 1862

United States.

The only exhibitors of cotton goods from the United States are Messrs. Gardner, Brewer, and Co., of Boston, Massachusetts (96). The goods shown are a very superior quality of fine shirtings, which were certainly not produced a few years ago in any part of the States. These goods arrived very late, and have not been included in the awards of the jury, which they certainly ought to have been if in time for examination.

Having noticed, as far as the space at our disposal will admit, all the countries which exhibit cotton goods worthy of special examination, we must conclude with simply recording the interesting fact that the jury of class 18 has awarded three prize medals to exhibitors of raw cotton grown in New South Wales, and the same number to exhibitors of the same material grown in Queensland. One exhibitor in each colony is distinguished in the awards--Mr. J. B. Nowlan (41), New South Wales, and Mr. W. Cairncross (18), Queensland--as exhibiting "splendid cotton," and the others as being of "good and useful qualities." This is a distinct proof that the British colonies of the Southern Hemisphere can produce raw cotton which will satisfy the fastidious taste of an international jury of cotton manufacturers, and this is saying a great deal, when the prejudice in favour of American cotton, and, unfortunately, nothing but American cotton, is taken into account.

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