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London, Saturday, July 19, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1155, p.70.

July 19, 1862


We are menaced with a prolongation of the Parliamentary Session on the ground that it has become necessary to provide by legislative action for the relief of the thousands who have been reduced to distress by the American fratricidal war. We are unaware of any valid reason for the expectation that the Session would terminate much earlier than usual, and we are equally unable to see why a measure upon the justice and humanity of which all must agree need occupy many nights in discussion. We perceive, however, that, in anticipation of the bill, the Manchester organs are calling upon the landowners of the distressed district to lay down vast sums as contributions to the relief fund for those whom the manufacturing interest has congregated in such dense swarms around its factories, and it is not impossible that ungraceful demonstrations may be made on both sides.

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