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London: Saturday, July 12, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1153, p.30.

July 12, 1862


There has been fighting about five miles from Charleston, but the affair, although of course dignified into "a battle," and sensationised with a very strong adjective, was not important, nor was there much slaughter. Some gun-boat business is loosely reported, and we are told of one really fearful catastrophe—a Confederate shot having shattered the steam-drum of a Federal vessel, and nearly all who were on board having perished, either by scalding or drowning. Of other operations the news is too vague to be worth transcription. The Federal army before Richmond was said to he suffering most severely from fever, and it was even rumoured that General M'Clellan himself had been seized by it. The Legislature had, however, performed a far more important act than had been achieved by the Generals; for the new tariff, which is almost prohibitory of foreign importations, is a measure which will array all the mercantile interests of England and France against the Union. Should this new enactment upon further examination sustain the character at present attributed to it the French and English Governments will find it difficult to abstain from a recognition of the South. We have to add that General Butler, whose

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ruffianly proclamation against the ladies of New Orleans is defended by some of the New York journals, is embroiling himself with foreign Consuls there in a way that may make it necessary to interfere somewhat promptly with proceedings conceived in the united spirit of a low attorney and a brutal cateran.

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