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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1152, p.10.

July 5, 1862


...The Civil War In America.—Lord Palmerston (in reply to a question by Mr. Hopwood, "Whether, on various considerations, Government intend to take any steps to endeavour to put an end to the civil war in America?"), paid a warm tribute to the heroic patience with which the operatives of the cotton-manufacturing districts had borne their privations, but submitted that any interference on our part between the Northern and Southern States might produce no other effect than an aggravation of their sufferings. The Governments of England and France would be delighted to offer their mediation if they saw any prospect that such a step would be welcomed on the other side of the Atlantic; but, for the present, he could only say that, if at any future time there should be a fair opening for friendly counsel, it would be the duty of the Government, as well as a great pleasure, to take advantage of it.

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