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London, Saturday, July 5, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol.41, no.1152, p.7.

July 5, 1862

London, Saturday, July 5, 1862.

...American news is full of incident, though the results of recent operations do not seem to be important. General Jackson defeated General Shields, the Federal, on the 9th of June, with much loss on both sides; but Jackson's manœuvres were masterly, and he joined his chief near Richmond. From that quarter there had been a dash of Confederates, who had skirmished with the Unionists, and had taken a more menacing attitude. The Confederates also made a brilliant razzia on the 13th, turned the right flank of the Federals, cut up the waggon-trains, killed the persons in charge, and made many prisoners. Some bombardment, apparently of no great importance, is reported, and we hear of a battery on White River. Beauregard was entirely ruined, and his army scattered and demoralised, at the last mail but one; but at the last mail of all he was at Okalona with 80,000 men, a "resuscitation" more wonderful than that which is drawing all the town to Drury Lane. General Butler adheres to his ruffianly New Orleans proclamation against the women, and a reign of terrorism seems to be established both there and at Memphis. The House of Representatives has passed a bill for confiscating the slaves of rebels, a step which must involve very important considerations. To whom do the slaves belong, or are they freed? If not, Uncle Sam himself becomes their owners [sic] owner , and places himself where the great serfowner in Russia, the Emperor, has refused to believe it safe to remain. If they are to be freed, the General who sought to disarm rebellion by a recent proclamation of a similar effect may complain of rather harsh treatment in having been so severely censured for "atrocious injustice." We may add that what are called the horrors of war are now beginning to be understood by those whose churches are converted into hospitals, and whose friends return, when they return at all, fearfully mutilated by the newer and deadlier engines of war.

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