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Belligerents in British Ports

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1130, p. 137.

February 8,1862

Belligerents in British Ports.—An important letter has been addressed by Earl Russell to the Lords of the Admiralty laying down very stringent rules with regard to American vessels of war or privateers which may enter British ports. No such vessels will be permitted to enter any port of the Bahama Islands without special leave of the Lieutenant-Governor; and with reference to all British ports, whether in the United Kingdom or in the colonies, the vessels alluded to will not be allowed to obtain any of the facilities for warlike equipment; and, when a ship belonging to one belligerent has sailed, twenty-four hours must elapse before a ship belonging to the other belligerent may also leave the harbour.—The first result of these instructions has been to get rid of the two visitors who have so long outstaid their welcome in Southampton waters. The Nashville is off, and the Tuscarora after her. The Tuscarora put to sea on Saturday, returning to Yarmouth Roads on Monday morning. Captain Peagram, taking advantage of her return, at once notified to the Admiralty of his intention to sail, and thus obtained the twenty-four hours' start of his adversary. The Nashville steamed out on Monday afternoon, and when last seen she had made the passage of the Needles, and was "standing away for sea with all sail." A despatch states that the frigate Shannon had taken up a position near the Federal ship Tuscarora, with the view of preventing her from following the Nashville before the expiry of the twenty-four hours prescribed. Captain Peagram and his officers seem to have kept their secret well, nothing whatever being known as to the destination of the Nashville. A large steamer has been seen off Cape Clear. She showed neither colours nor name, but from her general appearance and movements she was suspected to be either a Federal or a Confederate war-vessel.

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