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Naval and Military Intelligence.

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1122, p. 620.

December 21, 1861

The Times' Malta correspondent, writing on the 10th of December says:— "Orders have been received to dispatch, as speedily as possible, all the disposable ships of war to Gibraltar, for the purpose, it is rumoured, of having the ready, in case of war with the North American States, to send off into American waters. Two line-of-battle ships, the Algiers, 89, and the Queen, 80, and a gun-boat, the Alacrity, 4, have already left; and two other liners, the Agamemnon, 91, and the James Watt, 91, and another gun-boat, the Foxhound, 4, will leave for the same destination as soon as they are ready for sea, probably about Saturday next. The sloop Firebrand, 6, which arrived here on the 8th from Gibraltar, was ordered back again immediately, and left on the 9th. Two frigates, the Amphion, 36, from Messina, and the Liffey, 51, from Corfu, have been likewise ordered off by telegraph for the Straits. It is reported that the naval force now assembling there in such haste will be still further augmented by some of the ships from the coast of Syria.

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