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Captain James Moir.

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1121, p. 594.

December 14, 1861

Captain James Moir, commander of the Royal Mail Steam-packet Company's ship Trent, now engaged in the intercolonial service in the West Indies, is about forty years of age, a native of Scotland, and his family residence is at Somerville, Haddington. The earlier part of his seagoing life was spent in the East India service, where ultimately he commanded one of the finest vessels trading between this company and the East Indies. Subsequently he joined the West India mail service as a junior officer, and at the time of the Russian War he was chief officer of the Royal mail steam-packet Orinoco when that
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Captain Moir, of the Trent.

vessel was engaged in towing the disabled men-of-war from the thickest of the fight. Soon after the war he was appointed commander of the Royal mail steam- packet Teviot, then to the Conway, and finally to the Trent, which he now commands. On several occasions he has had to take the command of the Atrato and La Plata in the Transatlantic service, and the passengers by those, as well as the intercolonial ships which he has commanded, cannot fail to remember the strict attention paid to their comfort, the scrupulous neatness and cleanliness of the ship, the excellent discipline of the crew, and courteous and gentlemanlike demeanour of the Captain, of whom the worst that can be said is, that he is a good officer and a thorough gentleman.

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