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Sword of Honour Presented to General M'Clellan by the City of Philadelphia

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1119, p. 538-539.

November 30, 1861

Messrs., Baily and Co., of Chesnut-street, Philadelphia, have just completed a sword for General M'Clellan. The sword is the straight regulation Major-General's sword, the blade of fine Damascus steel, the scabbard and handle of silver, heavily gilt; the hilt is surmounted

Page 539

by a bald-headed eagle crushing a serpent; the grip is entwined with alternate convolutions of stars and laurel-leaves formed of diamonds and pearls. On the guard, which works on a hinge, ae the General's initials, richly chased. On the upper ring-strap are the arms of the city of Philadelphia, and on the lower one those of the State of Pennsylvania. Between them is a plate with this inscription:—"The City of Philadelphia to Major-General George B. M'Clellan, by authority of a resolution of its Councils, approved July 3l, 1861." The whole scabbard is covered with heavy chasing.

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