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London, Saturday, November 16, 1861.

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1117, p. 493.

November 16, 1861

At length the Southern States have sent us two gentlemen authorised to state to England the position and resolution of the Confederates. The Hon. Messrs. Mann and Yancey were entertained by the Fishmongers on the night of the Lord Mayor's banquet, at which latter Mr. Adams, the American Minister, made a highly-complimentary speech, claiming for the North the same ancestry, traditions, and laws as those of England, but never alluding to the fact that ten millions of his countrymen were in arms against the North. Mr. Adams was delivering himself thus at one end of a street at the other end of which Mr. Yancey was thanking us for having recognised the South as "belligerents," and was declaring that there could be no peace until they ceased to be treated as rebels. He spoke out boldly, asserted the certainty of Southern independence, but added that there were few sacrifices it would not make consistently with the claims of liberty and honour. Perhaps the impression is deepening that as soon as the North shall have gained some brilliant military or naval victory, and thus atoned for the long series of disasters which have marked its campaigns, both parties will not be disinclined to listen to the mediating voices of France and England. If this should not be the case, and the ruin and wretchedness of millions in the Old World should appear the inevitable consequence of a continuance of the blockade, it is not impossible that the statesmen of both these countries may have to consider how far the rule salus populi suprema lex can be harmonised with a too rigid interpretation of the law of nations. But we trust they may be spared any such necessity. We now await with interest the news from the great fleet which the North has sent forth.

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