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London, Saturday, October 19,1861.

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1113, p. 396.

October 19, 1861

Beyond a general impression that a battle on the Potomac must be impending, there is not much in the recent dispatches from the States. The complaints of the cowardice of the Home Guards in the Lexington affair are reiterated, and the surrender of the place would, it seems clear, have been delayed but for the conduct of these volunteers. The position, however, had become untenable, and there was no excuse for a further sacrifice of the lives of brave men. Why two of the Orleans Princes have been permitted to join in the struggle it is hard to say. "The smell of powder has drawn them in the right direction," writes a Prince at home here; but the explanation is slightly vague. Even the North itself can hardly regard the act as a dignified one, the war being regarded in the Lincoln light of a great police demonstration. But there is, of course, an intention to make capital somehow, and it may be held that the supposed necessity of keeping a name upon the tongue of France has instigated a step which looks like a mistake. Only the New York Herald is delighted, because the enlistment of the Princes will, it is thought, be displeasing to the "British aristocracy," whose "gold, lavished upon fanatic abolitionists, has got up the war"—such is the trash printed for American mobs. Be it added, that though this organ of public opinion is reasonably delighted at the enlisting of two real Princes, it adds a divertingly pathetic appeal to other officers not to be too proud to associate with certain German Volunteer Colonels merely because they are also beershop-keepers. The Herald justly remarks that there is nothing dishonourable in selling beer. Certainly not, if the beer is good;—and what was Oliver Cromwell?

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