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Illustrations of the War in America

The Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1112, p. 362.

October 12,1861

The two great armies still stand at bay on the lines of the Potomac, and the chain-bridge across that river, above Georgetown, of which an Illustration by our Special Artist is given below, is a position of great interest just now, as the Confederates are continually making threatening movements in the neighbourhood, either with the intention of destroying the bridge or of crossing by it into Maryland. On the heights on the Virginian shore are seen the tents of the Federal advance, which throws out pickets to a distance of two miles beyond. The Maryland end of the bridge is commanded by an upper and a lower battery, both of them very strong positions.

On the opposite page we give an Illustration, from a Sketch by our Special Artist, of the bringing in the Federal wounded after the skirmish at Lewinsville, Virginia. Just as the wounded were being brought in General M'Clellan reached the ground with an Aide-de-Camp and an escort of dragoons. He raised his hat as each poor fellow was borne from the ambulance to the hospital; and many whose eyes were fast glazing in death raised themselves in the arms of those who bore them and smiled a last smile at their young and beloved General.

Our Special Artist writes from Washington on the 23rd ult. as follows:—

"I have just come from a cruise down the Potomac, and while away I fell in with the officer who was bringing the news of the Scracoke affair to the Navy department. The Sketch I forward is done over his own lines on the paper. There will, in all probability, be more details by next mail. I have got some river subjects, which will come on in a day or two. In the meantime I send these two. I expect to go out west, to Rosencrantz and Fremont; but yet we may have an attack here from hour to hour, and I dare scarcely leave. Both sides are now awfully close together, and very, very strong. I am waiting to get some definite notion of the next move on the cards, and shall then act promptly."

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