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[American Frilling.]

The Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1110, p. 320.

September 28,1861

American Frilling.—There appeared a few months back in different literary periodicals some curious particulars of the capabilities of the sewing-machine, an invention which is now so extensively employed in the world of industrial production. We were told that amongst its multifarious applications this machine had been employed not only to sew garments of every kind, but every form of thick leather, the most delicate fabrics of the loom, the finest laces, ships' sails, and paper; even hose for draining the mines of California had passed under its operation. One of its applications, however, was not mentioned, and this is of a kind that will especially attract the attention of the ladies. A contrivance has been recently invented of a very simple character, which, when combined with an ordinary sewing-machine, will produce by their joint action a beautifully-regular frill. This frill can be either firmly sewed separately or at once attached to a plain band or to some part of a dress. By the expression "firmly sewed" we mean a frill which cannot be drawn up and down the thread, but one of which every plait or gather is tightly held and secured. The neatness of the work is very pleasing to the eye; and the plain band frill can be produced very cheaply. It will probably shortly be for sale in every draper's shop in the empire. We have lately seen some frill-making machines at work, and observed the rapidity and regularity with which the article can be produced. The invention is, we believe, of American origin. This is something beyond a labour-saving machine, since no similar article of manufacture has before been brought into the market. Hence it has been made the subject of patent. All the processes are conducted by girls, and another source of employment is furnished to our female population.

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