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[A Neat Biography]

The Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1110, p. 313.

September 28,1861

A Neat Biography.—The Vice-President of the Southern Confederacy is thus described in an American journal:—"Mr. Stephens is considerable of an orator. His health from childhood has been very feeble, being afflicted with four abscesses and a continual derangement of the liver, which gives him a consumptive appearance, though his lungs are sound. He has never weighed over 96lb. His figure is attenuated, his shoulders contracted, and his limbs slender. When speaking, he has at first a shrill, sharp voice, which assumes a more sonorous character as he progresses. His remarks are witty, rhetorical, and solid, with a dash of satire. He was elected to the position of Vice-President (of the Southern Confederacy) on the same day with Jefferson Davis—viz. the 9th of February last."

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