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[A Short time since the United States' sloop Resolute]

The Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1110, p. 303.

September 28,1861

A Short time since the United States' sloop Resolute, while cruising along the Virginia shore of the Potomac, detached a boat to take possession of a scow that lay hard and fast in the mud, laden with barrels, supposed by the commander to contain powder for the use of the Disunionists. Just as the bowsman was preparing to hold on with the boathook a murderous fire was opened from behind the bushes on the bank, killing and wounding all but one at the first discharge. It was nothing more than a ruse to draw Federalists on, and it succeeded too well. With great difficulty the boat was got out of range by those able to seize the oars, and shortly afterwards the Resolute came up and shelled the woods, but with what execution it is impossible to say.

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