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London, Saturday, August 31, 1861

The Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1105, p. 212.

August 31,1861

We in Europe, who are, unfortunately, only too accustomed to war, watch with much interest the progress which our American kinsmen are making in the study of this noble art. A second engagement, on nothing like the scale of the Bull Run affair, but of quite sufficient importance to earn its title of a "battle," has fully justified the Premier in saying, as he did at Dover, that there is no want of pluck among them, only of discipline. We gladly indorse the judgment. We all know what a dozen disciplined policemen accustomed to act in concert can effect against a wild, scrambling mob; and the "rapid movement" at Bull Run is only a new proof of the truth of the old military axiom that of undisciplined men the more you have the greater your danger. The Springfield affair shows what sort of stuff there really is in these kinsmen of ours; and we only grieve to think what a bitter school is that in which they are learning, and how bitter for many a year to come may be the fruits of this system of education to them, to us, and to the world.

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