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An Incident in the Battle of Bull Run

The Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1105, p. 225.

August 31,1861

Our Special Artist in the Confederate camp, referring to an engagement between 71st New York and an Alabama regiment at the battle at Bull Run, which forms the subject of our Illustration on page 226, writes as follows:—"This was the only case in which I saw two regiments positively engage each other, and these did no more than blaze away at each other at a distance of three hundred yards until both were badly cut up. The Alabama regiment especially suffered, and when they retired they left the ground covered with their dead and wounded. The 71st lost heavily; but they behaved exceedingly well, loading and firing as though on parade. I think that if the bayonet had been used more freely the matter would have been sooner decided, and with less loss of life. On the hill at the back a Confederate battery was playing on the 71st. I was on the right of the latter regiment."

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