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[Whatever may be the condition]

the Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1104, p. 176.

August 24,1861

Whatever may be the condition of the crops in America, the state of the body politic renders any large cereal exportation from that country at least problematical. No doubt efforts will be made to convert as much of its produce into money as is possible, if only for the purpose of bringing within that territory the sinews of war. Looking at the question from this point of view, we cannot but see an additional, although a remote, cause of congratulation in the hopes of an adequate harvest in this country. Supposing that we had to demand and to pay for in money a similar supply of corn from America this year as we had to ask in 1860, and supposing that that country was able to give us half that we asked, there would be at once a direct stimulus and sustentation afforded to that unhappy civil war which is raging. The influence of England is felt in every country in the world, openly or silently, as the case may be; and probably nowhere is her monetary and commercial influence more felt, however little acknowledged, than in that region which we yet call, and hope still to call, the United States of America. It will be something to be proud of if the plenty of England should indirectly contribute to the peace of America. It would not be difficult to point out how the absence of those disturbing causes which interfere with the facile working of our political, social, and commercial arrangements, and which turn on a good or bad harvest, would operate on the tranquillity of Europe; but with that part of the subject we do not propose to deal. . . .

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