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The Generals of the American Armies

The Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1103, p. 173.

August 17,1861

The Generals of the American Armies—The ages of the principal officers of the North are:—Scott, 75; Wool, 73; Harney, 65; Mansfield, 60; Totten (Head of Engineers), 80; Thayer (Engineers), 80; Craig (Head of Ordnance Department), 76; Ripley (Ordnance), 70; Sumner, 65; Larned (Paymaster-General), 70; Gibson (Commissary-General), Churchill (Inspector-General), and Thomas (Adjutant-General) entered the army in the beginning of the present century—Gibson in 1808, and Churchill in 1812. The Southern army is officered chiefly by men in the prime of life—Beauregard being 43, and Lee, 50.

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