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The Flight of the Federal Troops from Bull Run

The Illustrated London News, vol.39, no. 1139, p. 168.

August 17,1861

As regards the Stampede from Bull Run, which forms the subject of the second Illustration on the preceding page, our Special Artist thus writes:—"At half-past five the Federal troops were in full retreat, pursued at different points by the black horse cavalry of Virginia. Retreat is a weak term to use when speaking of this disgraceful rout, for which there was no excuse. The terror-stricken soldiers threw away their arms and accoutrements, herding along like a panic-stricken flock of sheep, with no order whatever in their flight. Those who had been fortunate enough to get places in the baggage-waggons thrust back others with their bayonets and musket-stocks. Wounded men were crushed under the wheels of the heavy, lumbering chariots that dashed down the road at full speed. Light buggies, containing members of Congress, were overturned or dashed to pieces in the horrible confusion of the panic."

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