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Review of Federal Troops by President Lincoln and General Scott

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1101, p. 110.

August 3, 1861

On July 4, the anniversary of American Independence, 20,000 troops belonging to the State of New York alone were passed in review before the President and General Scott. Many of the Secretaries of the different departments were present, among whom Mr. Seward occupied a prominent position on the right of the Commander-in-Chief. The moment taken by our Special Artist for his sketch of this imposing ceremony, engraved on page 111, was when the Garibaldi Guard was marching past. As each company came in front of General Scott the men took the green sprigs they had fastened amid their cock feathers and threw them towards the old chieftain. The Garibaldi Guard is composed of Hungarians, Germans, Swiss, Italians, and French, and they are uniformed after the fashion of the Sardinian Bersaglieri.

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