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Illustrations of the Civil War in America

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1100, p. 83.

July 27, 1861

Under the head of "Contraband of War" our Special Artist has forwarded to us a characteristic sketch (herewith engraved) of a party of slaves seeking protection in the Federal camp. It appears that the slaves from the different plantations in Virginia are continually going through the pickets of the Federal army, as fugitives from their masters, and when it is proved that their owners are fighting in the Secessionist ranks the slaves are treated as contraband of war.

The incident depicted on the first page—the Capture of a United States' Dragoon while on Picket by Guerrilla Horsemen of Virginia—happened near our Special Artist's camping-ground at Cloud's Mill, in the Federal Camp. The man, while dismounted, was suddenly set upon by seven or eight of the Confederate cavalry; and, though he made a gallant defence, was carried off.

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