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London, Saturday, July 20, 1861.

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1099, p. 52.

July 20, 1861

The President's Message is of a warlike character. Mr. Lincoln asks for 400,000 men and 400,000,000 dollars, and his Finance Minister proposes to raise what is required by heavy direct, and light indirect, taxation, and by a loan. It is also stated that a body of Secessionists had received a repulse, and that a great battle was imminent, unless the Southerners should retreat. It would seem, therefore, that our brethren over the sea were about to learn from experience the real meaning of the terrible word "war," so flippantly bandied about by those who have hitherto known nothing of that stern reality. At this eleventh hour, and before any news can arrive to operate upon the mind of Europe, let us have the melancholy satisfaction of once more recording that England has all along regarded this fratricidal contest with an aversion caused by nobler motives than those which have been so ungenerously attributed to her; that it is with grief—ay, and with something like shame—that she beholds men who speak her own language and emulate her own civilisation, rushing in arms upon one another; and that her earnest anxiety is to see peace restored. She can afford to be told that she has interested views, she can bear to have her suggestions and her mediation ungraciously received, but she will not the less strenuously enter her protest against the stupidest and the wickedest way of attempting to adjust domestic differences. England hates slavery, and ever will hate it; but she has no desire to behold its American antagonists gain such a success as will leave a burning rancour in the hearts of its advocates.

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