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Attack on the Pickets of the Garibaldi Guard, East Branch of the Potomac.

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1099, p. 48.

July 20, 1861

Our Special Artist writes as follows respecting the Illustration on the preceding page:—"A few nights since I was sleeping in a tent close by the camp of the Garibaldi Guard, when there was an alarm. A party of Secessionists had crossed the river under favor of darkness, and were firing on the pickets. I turned out with the rest, and came up with the supports in time to see the Secessionists retire to the woods. One of the Garibaldi Guard received a bullet wound in his leg. This corps is made up of Germans, Italians, French, and Swiss, with a few Hungarians. Their uniform is a close imitation of the Sardinian bersaglieri."

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