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[Charges of brutality]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 39, no. 1098, p. 28.

July 13, 1861

Charges of brutality, and even of assassination, are rife in the Unionist camp against the Secessionists, who, doubtless, have countercharges with which they also could horrify us, had they, like their rivals, the ear of Europe; for all camps are sure to be infested with desperadoes who, under the garb of patriotism, prowl about to gratify their own evil purposes. The sentry duty at the front of the Unionist camp is, we are told, exceedingly hazardous, and very few of those who are posed at night expect to see another day dawn. The country all round is thickly covered with wood, and in the darkness the Secessionists, acquainted with every cowpath, creep softly towards the poor fellow pacing to and fro on the road, taking advantage of every shadow, and profiting by the rustle of every falling leaf, until close upon him, where either the bowie-knife or a rifle-shot does the rest.

One night our Special Artist accompanied the scouting party, of which the annexed is an Illustration, twelve miles into the enemy's country. The men were dressed in round slouched hats, rough flannel blouses, and carried revolvers and bowie-knives in their belts. Two in advance carried guns, ready cocked, keeping a sharp look out for ambuscades on each side among the trees. The Lieutenant in command and our artist were in the centre.

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