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Embarkation of New York Zouaves for Fort Monroe

The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1094, p. 568.

June 22, 1861


Under the heading of "Departure of the Advanced Guard" the New York Daily Tribune thus describes the shipment of the 5th Regiment of New York Zouaves, whose march through Broadway forms the subject of our Special Artist's Illustration on the preceding page:—"The 5th Regiment New York Volunteers, Colonel Abraham Duryea, left their head-quarters at Fort Schuyler at one o'clock yesterday (May 23), embarked on three tugs, and arrived at the foot of East Fifteenth-street at four o'clock. The baggage and tents of the Zouaves occupied a fourth tug. On disembarking the regiment proceeded to Fourteenth-street, thence down Broadway to the City Hall, where they were reviewed. A number of ladies and gentlemen occupied the balcony. After going through a parade-drill the Zouaves marched up Broadway, through White and North Moore streets, to the pier, where the Alabama lay awaiting their arrival to convey them to Fort Monro [sic]. The march through broadway [sic] was an ovation, the splendid appearance of the men eliciting the most enthusiastic cheers and other demonstrations of satisfaction from the multitude that lined the side walks and filled the windows along the route. All concurred in the opinion that the Advance Guard is one of the finest regiments that have left New York since the commencement of the war. The brown faces of the men indicted that they had not spared their complexions, and the steady martial tramp gave evidence of long and careful drills. Before reaching the dock the regiment halted, unfixed bayonets, and made preparations for an unobstructed embarkation, which took place without confusion and in a very short space of time."

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