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The Hon. A. Dudley Mann

The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1087, p. 414.

May 4, 1861


As is well known, commissioners have been sent by the Southern States of America to visit the different Courts of Europe on a mission, the object of which is obvious. Of these Mr. A. Dudley Mann is one. This gentleman, who is descended on both sides from English families, which emigrated to Virginia between 1660 and 1675, was born in that State on the 26th of April, 1805. About twenty years ago he entered the diplomatic service of the United States. In 1845 he was appointed Special Plenipotentiary to Hanover, Oldenburg, and the two Duchies of Mecklenburg, for the purpose of negotiating commercial treaties, the objects of which were the removal of transit dues on American products, and a large reduction of import duties in the States composing the Zollverein on tobacco, which were effected. In 1847 he was accredited to all the German Governments except Prussia. In 1849 he was appointed Commissioner to Hungry; and in 1850 he was appointed Special Minister to Switzerland, between which Republic and the United States he opened relations and negotiated a treaty of friendship, commerce, and extradition. In 1853, after the election of General Franklin Pearce [sic] to the Presidency of the United States, Mr. Mann was, without any solicitation on his part, appointed Assistant Secretary of State, an office then for the first time created. In 1855 he resigned that office, and since that he has devoted himself to the development of the material interests of the Southern States. His antecedents thus in every way qualified him for the discharge of the duties of the important office which has now been conferred upon him.

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The Hon. A. Dudley Mann, One of the Three Commissioners of the Confederate States of America to Europe.—From a Photograph by John Watkins.

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