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The United States' Army

The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1087, p. 412.

May 4, 1861


The United States' Army.—The present strength of the Army is 18,122 men. It consists of 19 regiments—10 regiments of infantry, averaging 10 companies of 70 men each; 4 of artillery, averaging 12 companies of about 50 men each; 1 of mounted rifles, 2 of cavalry, and 2 of dragoons—each of the latter numbering 10 companies of about 60 men; or about 198 in all. Of these, notwithstanding the excitement created by the concentration of about half a regiment at the national capital, over 160 companies are stationed in the distant regions of Key West, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, California, Oregon, and other places. Regiments serving on those stations have 74 men to a company, instead of 64, so that were the entire army located in them it would consist of 17,549, "total enlisted," and 1886 aggregate. It is impossible to estimate accurately the number of officers now in the service, as no official list, deducting the resignation[s], has been published. There have been, however, some 1200 commissions gazetted, and there must be over 1000 epauletted gentlemen now on the roll. Each regiment has a certain number of officers allotted to it, which varies according to circumstances. The dragoons, for instance, of whom we have 2 regiments, numbering each about 600 men, have 1 colonel, 1 lieutenant-colonel, 2 majors, 10 captains, 11 first lieutenants, and 12 second-lieutenants—74 officers all told; the two regiments of calvary (600 men), 1 colonel, 1 lieutenant-colonel, 2 majors, 10 captains, and 22 lieutenants—68 [sic] in all; the mounted rifle regiment, the same number of men and general staff, and 23 lieutenants—37 in all; the four regiments of artillery (each about 700 men), 4 general officers, 12 captains, and 38 lieutenants—216 in all; the 10 regiments of infantry (each 700 men), 4 general officers, 10 captains, and 20 lieutenants; and so on.—New York Times.

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