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The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1086, p. 384.

April 27, 1861


President Lincoln's Administration is actively prosecuting naval preparations; and it is asserted that he will call for 50,000 volunteers, and will convoke Congress. If half the assertions of the New York press are true, a speedy collision between the Secessionists and Federalists appears to be inevitable. Two transport-ships, with 500 troops and a quantity of war material on board, accompanied by the cutter Harriet Lane, have sailed under sealed orders. The New York journals agree in the statement that President Lincoln has resolved to throw reinforcements and supplies into Forts Sumter and Pickens, and to give to Governor Houlston [sic] military assistance against the Secessionists of Texas.

The South Carolinians have, we are assured, declared that they will not permit Major Anderson to receive any supplies, and they are redoubling their preparations to prevent the entrance of any United States' vessels into Charleston harbour.

President Davis, of the Southern Confederacy, has called for 18,000 volunteers; and the accounts from the South are filled with warlike rumours.

The State of Massachusetts has set an example of enlightened legislation by the abolition of capital punishment.

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