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Foreign and Colonial News

The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1085, p. 361.

April 20, 1861


President Lincoln is severely indisposed, owing to incessant labour and anxiety.

The latest intelligence from America is of a most warlike nature. The New York Herald states that warlike rumours and the naval preparations of the Government created intense excitement throughout the city on the 5th inst. A panic prevailed among stock operators. The Washington correspondent of the New York Herald says the country is on the brink of a civil war. A despatch from Charleston, dated the 5th inst., says a terrible moment is evidently at hand. News from Washington and New York corroborates the general impression that within twenty-four hours war will be upon us. Every man has been ordered on duty, and the utmost activity prevails. The highest officials declare that the present state of things can last but a short time longer. The excitement is intense. Everything wears a warlike aspect. According to the New York Times, General Beauregard had declared to Major Anderson that he must evacuate Fort Sumter, or it would be shelled within forty-eight hours. Major Anderson's supplies were to be cut off immediately. The United States' frigate Powhattan was fully equipped for sea. The Government had chartered the steamer Atlantic, which, with the Powhattan and the Illinois, would sail immediately under sealed orders.

The Senate has refused, for the present Session, to enter on the proposal of Great Britain to refer the San Juan question to arbitration.

The Morrill tariff came into operation on the 1st of April, creating, it is said, terrible annoyance and confusion.

Mr. Schutz has been confirmed by the Senate at Washington as Minister to Spain. Mr. Clay, who declined the appointment, goes as Minister to Russia.

The Texan Legislature has confirmed Governor Houston's deposition, which had been decreed by the popular convention.

The Europa has brought over the Honourable Dudley Mann, Commissioner to Europe from the Southern States.

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