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New York Newspaper Enterprise

The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1083, p. 353.

April 13, 1861

NEW YORK NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE.—The leading New York daily papers sell all at two cents, or one penny, per copy. This does not, however, prevent their taking advantage of the quickest, and therefore most expensive methods of obtaining the news from all parts of the world. The telegraphs are almost monopolised by the newspapers, and sometimes more than £500 is paid for telegrams in a day by a single journal. Notwithstanding the enormous daily cost of publishing a Herald, a Tribune, or a Times, these journals are yielding princely revenues to their proprietors. The higher-priced newspapers, such as the Evening Post, the Journal of Commerce, and the Courier and Enquirer, have more limited circulation, but they can hardly be less profitable, on account of their extensive advertising patronage. The Daily Herald has the most extensive circulation. The daily issue is variously estimated at from 70,000 to 90,000. The daily issues of the Times and Tribune are probably about equal, though the Tribune has increased in circulation considerably since the election of Mr. Lincoln, having reached, it is said, 60,000 copies. The publishers of the Tribune have commenced stereotyping their daily edition, having adopted this plan for the weekly and semi-weekly several months ago. The aggregate weekly circulation of the daily, weekly and semi-weekly Tribune is stated to be 640,000 copies. The estimated profits of the Herald and Tribune are about 100,000 dollars, or £21,000 each. The Evening Post is, perhaps, the most profitable of the old style four-paged journals. It divided, we notice, 69,000 dollars profits last year between its proprietors. Some of the purely weekly papers and the "monthlies" have a wonderful circulation. Of the former class the New York Ledger, the sale of which has, we believe, reached as high as 500,000 copies, stands first—while the Independent, a politico-religious journal, has doubled its circulation during the past year, its weekly issue being now about 70,000 copies. Of the latter, Harper's Magazine leads off with a circulation of about 200,000 copies of each issue.—London American.

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