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Slaves for Sale

The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1082, p. 307.

April 6, 1861


The accompanying Engraving represents a gang of negroes exhibited in the city of New Orleans, previous to an auction, from a Sketch made on the spot by our Artist. The men and women are well clothed, in their Sunday best—the men in blue cloth, of good quality, with beaver hats; and the women in calico dresses, of more or less brilliancy, with silk bandana handkerchiefs bound round their heads. Placed in a row in a quiet thoroughfare where, without interrupting the traffic, they may command a good chance of transient custom, they stand through a great part of the day, subject to the inspection of the purchasing or non-purchasing passing crowd. They look heavy, perhaps a little sad, but not altogether unhappy. An orderly silence is preserved as a general rule at these sales, although conversation does not seem to be altogether prohibited.

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Slaves for Sale: a Scene in New Orleans.

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