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London, Saturday, March 30, 1861

The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1081, p. 284.

March 30, 1861


. . . The mention of slavery naturally brings to the mind the recollection of the state of affairs in the United States, always supposing that we can continue to apply that title to a country in a state of chronic disunion. The attitude assumed by the South is very striking. There seems to be no lack of resources towards the organisation of an army, to meet which the Northern provinces have no adequate means, unless resort be had to the calling out of the militia, as in case of war with a foreign Power. What would be the result of such a step it is not easy for us in this country to say; but an opinion may be hazarded that it would probably not be found to be in unison with the feeling of the majority of the people. As far as can yet be judged it seems as if the North expects the President to fight the voluntary levies of the South—if matters come to the arbitrement of arms—with the regularly-enlisted federal troops; in which case it would be a nominal 12,000 against an actual 50,000. That the South means mischief is evident by the vast preparations in the shape of guns, gunpowder, and materials of war which are in process of manufacture. In scanning the regulations for the conduct of the Government of the federation of the South, one cannot but be struck with one enactment which is a decided innovation on the system which has hitherto prevailed in America. It is, that the responsible Ministers of the President are to have seats in Congress, and to be allowed to discuss and defend the measures of the Government. Is this a step towards the adoption of some of the so-called aristocratic customs of the old country?

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