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Foreign and Colonial News

The Illustrated London News, vol. 38, no. 1081, p. 280.

March 30, 1861


No decided action had, according to the latest accounts from America, been taken by either the Northern or Southern States, but both seemed drifting towards a collision. President Lincoln has declined to hold any intercourse with the Southern commissioners. According to the New York Herald it has been decided by Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet to evacuate Fort Sumter, as being untenable. The Missouri and Virginia State Conventions have come to no decision.

The permanent Constitution of the Confederate States had been published. The following are its principal features:—"No person who is a foreigner, and not a citizen of the Confederate States, is allowed to vote for any officer, civil or political, state or federal. Under the first census, South Carolina is entitled to five representatives in Congress; Georgia, ten; Alabama, nine; Florida, two; Mississippi, seven; Louisiana, six; Texas, six; and each State to two senators. The State Legislature may impeach judicial or federal officers, resident and active in said State, by a two-thirds vote. Representation on the basis of three fifths for slaves is continued. Congress is not allowed, through duties, to foster any branch of industry. The foreign slave trade is prohibited. The President and Vice-President are to hold to office for six years. The principal officers of departments and the diplomatic service are removable at the pleasure of the President. Other civil officers are removable when their services are unnecessary, or for other good causes or reasons. Other States are to be admitted by a vote of two-thirds of both Houses. The Confederacy may acquire territory, and slavery shall be acknowledged and protected by Congress and the territorial Government. When five States shall ratify the permanent Constitution, it shall be established for said States. Until ratified, the provisional Constitution shall continue in force not extending beyond one year."

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